So the yarn pixies heard about the Global Guerilla Knit-Up Challenge, and thought "why not?" Plenty of spare yarn in the house, and it's always nice to prettify a random something with handcrafts :) One rainy dark morning, and suddenly the gun installation at the local RSA is sporting a fetching decoration!

Closer up (apologies for the shocking photos, it took longer to get the camera to work than it did to wrap the gun barrel! Plus it was 6:30am and the sun wasn't up properly yet.)

Why? Well, first off, no disrespect is intended towards the RSA or its veterans and I hope this craftwork will not be seen that way. I wanted to find a monument to decorate that was reasonably easy to access for measuring and covering. I also liked the combination of a gun barrel being concealed by something so homely and approachable as crochet, and it amuses me to think of the cannon as a sort of oversized teapot in a cosy :) I hope that having something so bright and unusual on something that has been in this neighbourhood for such a long time might make people notice it a bit more. There are all sorts of things in our everyday life that we pass by and don't see, and I think it's good to look around and reassess our environs every so often.

Look, it was still there this afternoon!


Anonymous said…
oh excellent work! I was hoping someone closer to home would be comng in soon.
I supposae you have sen the knitted tank someone did? I'd love to do the whole thing..
3rdEyeMuse said…
your contribution to the global geurilla knit up is absolutely INSPIRATIONAL & in such pretty colors, too!

Way To Go!!
knitsch said…
oh. my. goodness. Awesome! Hope the old guys don't mind...reminds of the daisy in the gun barrel, now who was it that did that...hmmm
Knitty Graffity said…
Wow, I have found a fellow wolly tagger! Love it!

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