Wednesday, May 04, 2016

seven years between blog posts is nothing

Well, hi! I don't really know if anyone sees this blog anymore, but I thought I'd update in my ongoing efforts to organise my craft life. I'm trying to keep all my Ravelry projects up to date so I can focus my efforts a bit more and concentrate on getting some of my UFOs finished.

So where are we at? Well, since 2009(!), I've started full-time work at the university and also taken up part-time study towards finishing my English/Gender degree - I'm trying to get a paper a semester done, and I'm now seven-and-a-half papers through a 20-paper degree. D is now a 9-year-old schoolboy and becomes more awesome exponentially each year :-) Also during that time I've been diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis, which is an autoimmune condition that causes extreme fatigue, achy joints, and depression. Luckily most of my symptoms have been able to be controlled through medication, but it's a life-long condition so I always have to keep an eye on my hormonal levels. I'm also developing a bit of arthritis in my hands which I'm trying to keep at bay with lots of knitting and crochet :-)

I've pretty much given up on making my hats for sale - Etsy got too crowded, I sold very little on the NZ marketplace Felt, and my local stockists have gone out of business. I went door-to-door at one stage trying to find new ones and found that pretty soul-destroying. And eventually I got sick of making stuff that would sell, I just wanted to make stuff for family/friends and for fun.

I've become seriously hooked (LOL) on the African hexagon blankets and their amazing mix of tones and colours, and they've yet to get old for me:

Another thing I've started doing is finding old crochet blankets and afghans and either repairing them or deconstructing and remaking them - this is one I did a few weeks ago (before and after):

Unfortunately this means that I'm addicted to buying more afghans and the to-do pile just keeps getting bigger :-/

Anyway, I'll try to keep this blog updated with my projects from now on... but the proof is in the pudding, as they say!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


So the yarn pixies heard about the Global Guerilla Knit-Up Challenge, and thought "why not?" Plenty of spare yarn in the house, and it's always nice to prettify a random something with handcrafts :) One rainy dark morning, and suddenly the gun installation at the local RSA is sporting a fetching decoration!

Closer up (apologies for the shocking photos, it took longer to get the camera to work than it did to wrap the gun barrel! Plus it was 6:30am and the sun wasn't up properly yet.)

Why? Well, first off, no disrespect is intended towards the RSA or its veterans and I hope this craftwork will not be seen that way. I wanted to find a monument to decorate that was reasonably easy to access for measuring and covering. I also liked the combination of a gun barrel being concealed by something so homely and approachable as crochet, and it amuses me to think of the cannon as a sort of oversized teapot in a cosy :) I hope that having something so bright and unusual on something that has been in this neighbourhood for such a long time might make people notice it a bit more. There are all sorts of things in our everyday life that we pass by and don't see, and I think it's good to look around and reassess our environs every so often.

Look, it was still there this afternoon!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

kei te nitiniti tokena

Man, it's taken me forever to start and finish this update! D isn't sleeping very well at night at the moment, so I spend all my Dali-free time catching up on much-needed sleep. But I have managed to get some knitting and crochet done - the time between when he goes to bed and when I do is my precious me-time.

I've started my first pair of socks in a year and a half, and they're coming along nicely: the pattern is Jaywalkers, and I'm finding it quite straight-forward so far. The yarn is quite horrible though - it's some red fluorescent acrylic I found in a bulk bag and it splits constantly. I think the colour is repulsive but a couple of friends have expressed interest so they will probably be a gift for someone - lucky them! These are a practice run for Xmas gift socks.

Yikes, Xmas! It's only a couple of months away, and I'm being seriously overambitious with my handmade gifts. Oh well, I guess there's always the shops for backup.

Also, a finished object finally! It's the Babette throw from Interweave Crochet, done in various scrap yarns. I'm pleased with how it came out - it needs to be blocked a bit better, but most of the squares are pulled into shape by the others so it doesn't look too bad, plus I kinda like its crinkly look. The last strip was done a bit later than the rest and it shows: the yarns are slightly darker. But still, not bad for a first effort. I want to make another but not straight away - maybe in purple, or khaki and lime greens.

Almost finished the jersey for my boy, but I'm stuck at the making-up stage - there's just so many little strands to weave in, and it's dead boring, but I'm going to force myself to finish it tonight.

I've started another jersey, this time for a friend's boy who is turning 3 next weekend. A whole jersey in a week and a bit? Highly unlikely but I'll do my best :)

Went up to Christchurch for the long weekend, which was a lovely break, although not exactly relaxing! Stopped off at the Ashfords factory on the way, where I could fondle and sigh over the Noro yarns, but I was well-behaved and only bought a couple of Tekapo oddments from their sale bin. Checked out the Arts Centre Markets and bought some delicious Blue Earth soaps - I fell in love with a coat from Morphic Creations, but it was way out of my budget. Also stopped off at Borders to check out their knitting book selection, and walked away with Dominknitrix - a few patterns in it I really like, I don't know whether it was worth the $40+ but I thought I deserved a treat.

And finally a D photo - this was taken at Orana Park Zoo last Sunday. I'm so proud of my clever little boy. He's quite mobile on his bottom, and can speed along the lino (towards the cat dishes!) at a rate of knots. He's so smiley and friendly to strangers, and his newest trick is a very enthusiastic wave. He eats pretty much anything we offer him and is growing like a weed. He turns 1 next week, and it's hard to believe that this time last year we were still looking forward to meeting him :)

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Okay, so I came up with this idea yesterday to name my scrap hats after songs, I'm not sure whether it's totally whack or what. Basically I'm getting sick of listing them as "Multi yarn scrap hat #75" or whatever, and since they're all one-offs I think they deserve a bit of personality! So I've been coming up with names either from songs I listened to or had in my head when I was making them, or, since I'm slightly synaesthetic (my brain links certain colours to letters) naming them after song titles I feel match the colours. Anyway, it's probably really odd, but it makes them a bit more individual and is fun to do :)

I've also come up with a tattoo I want to get done on my right shoulder: it'll be a ball of yarn stuck with two knitting needles and a crochet hook with a banner saying "Mother's Ruin" underneath and surrounded either by a fire or a sunburst, very much in the style of vintage tattoo flash! Now all I have to do is draw it ;)

Friday, September 21, 2007

where does the time go?

Have been trying to update all week, but one thing or another always gets priority - oh well! Just finished grinding up a $1 bag of apples for Dali's breakfast, and feeling very thrifty. If I get a chance while he's still napping I'll get to read too, wooo.

Trying to finish all the UFO projects I'd planned to get completed during Sept but it's hard-going. I finished the novelty yarn scarf that I've have on the go since last year, but I've still got a heap of novelty yarns left over. I think the hats I made for Dali and my m-i-l are pretty cute:

so I might make some more of those in future. The baby jersey I started for D when I was pregnant is a real chore - it's easy enough, all in garter stitch, but the problem is that I find it so boring! I'm not a good knitter, so I have to concentrate on every stitch but it's not very interesting to knit - give me some lace or socks or something else anytime! So I keep getting distracted onto making more hats.

I was relieved to see that the op shop up the road has sold out of their scrap yarn bags - I'm seriously addicted to them, and I've already got four. But every time I went past I'd be tempted. What is it about yarn that is so damn acquirable?

Tonight I'm going to check out the travelling Craftwerk show - I've never seen one in the flesh, as it were, although I know lots of people who vend at them. Haven't seen much advertising for it, but I guess if it's a bomb, I can always just sit with a hot chocolate and a book and enjoy some Dali-free time :)

Speaking of the angel, I can hear him waking up in the other room - oh well, maybe I can read later on *sigh* Here's a gratuitous pic of the wee swarthy swab dressed as a pirate on Wed:

Monday, September 03, 2007

new hat design

This is the hat design I'm all crazy about at the moment - it doesn't really look all that exciting in the photo, but I really like it. It has 8 ridges running down it, then 1x1 ridges around the bottom to look like ribbing. The colours were pretty random in this one, and the other two I'm making that are similar, but in future I plan to do more toning colours. But that'll have to wait until I've finished the hat for my mother-in-law!

Friday, August 31, 2007


Stitch n'Bitch last night was really interesting - it was the first time that no one from the original group (bar me) was there so it was just a group brought together through love of knitting rather than because we work together. It was neat, and I'm glad to have the opportunity to meet new crafty types - that's what I started the group for, after all. Hopefully some of the others will come next time, though.

Still working on D's jumper along with a whole lot of other projects. Tomorrow I stop everything and start on a hat for my mother-in-law, who is coming to visit Tuesday week.