sweet relief

I sat and passed my restricted drivers licence this afternoon, yay! This is something that has been hanging over my head for a long, long time - I sat for my learners test about 7 years ago, and it took me about 5-6 tries before I passed, and that was just a written/oral test! As you can imagine, I was not looking forward to sitting the practical test, but my learners licence expires at the end of next month and I needed to be able to drive the car by myself once the sprog comes along, so I didn't have much choice. But now I've got it! Yippee!

Thanks for all your reassuring comments on my last post - I do need to be reminded not to overdo things. Because a lot of the time I don't feel very pregnant, I forget and then get annoyed when I get the side effects. This week has been pretty good though, a few headachey days and I've managed to get some early nights to deal with the extra fatigue.

My first Secret Pal parcel arrived today! I was so worried it was lost in the post, but it was just the snail-mail ;) Lots of lovely goodies inside - I took a photo but haven't processed it yet. There's some beautiful Fleece Artist sock yarn in blues and greens, some Naturally Merino & Fur in shades of brown and blue, a bag of Canadian gummy sweets and a copy of Crochet magazine, plus a lovely card. Such a wonderful surprise :D

ooh, and I cut my dreads off on Friday night! I just really felt like making a change in my life, and I'd been dissatisfied with them for a while - I plan to do them again at some stage but I've learned some good lessons about how they work. Now my hair is short - about 3-4 inches all over, with some longer bits at the front. I'm clipping part of it back at the side with bobby pins and it looks kinda cute, but the best news is that I can wear my cloche hats again!


Beverley said…

So pleased to hear that you are doing OK and feeling much better.

Wow your restricted!!! Congratulations!! I know how it feels I didn't get mine until 4 years ago. I couldn't drive when my husband died. It took several friends a year to teach me and then I brought an automatic to give me the confidence. But wow the wonderful sense of freedom it gave me. I still love to get in the car and drive. I suppose it will wear off one day!! lol. But then I was nearly 50 before I got it so have a few years of driving to catch up on.

Looking forward to pics.

Knit on >^..^<
Woolly Wormhead said…
Oh no - you cut off your dreads! Was it hard to do? (and I don't mean the scissors... I mean, was it a relief? I remember cutting off my first crop, being really chuffed and relieved initially, then spent a few years pinning for them. Crop no.3 is staying.. ;)

Sorry I've been bad and not popped by recently - my head's not been in the best of places. Glad you're looking after yourself. And you *must* send me your snail mail.. your baba wants lots of hand-made goodies! xxx
Natalie said…
Congrats! I've had my learner's thet the same amount of time, and I'll have to get my restricted before I finally finish studying and move away to find a "real" job that pays a living wage (and by that, I mean 1 job, not 5 that add up to enough to live on!)
Annarella said…
Hiya, just checking in as you haven't updated for a while, hope everything is ok with you.

Have a fab Easter holiday!


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