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The parts arrived for my wheel last night but I haven't set them up yet - I've been a bit lazy with it recently. I always get that when I strike any difficulties with new creative projects: it gets dumped in the too-hard basket if I'm not perfect at it straight away. I will force myself to endeavour with it, though.

Started another Nippertails hat on Sunday night using some lovely mohair yarn. It was originally a whole lot of 5" squares I scored for $4 from the op-shop: someone had knitted them up in garter stitch to make up into a sweater or maybe an afghan, so I gently unfrogged it all and ended up with a small amount of greyish-blue, a ball of greyish-pink and a ball of dark pink. I also had a little brownish-blue which I added to the mix, so now it graduates in colour. It's looking very pretty so far, and my knitting speed has much improved.

Going through a very enthused patch at present, but I don't have enough time to do all the things I want to do! The Craftster knitting forums will be the death of me, I swear. I'm getting excited about doing a multi-yarn version of this stripey shrug, and I realised that this hoodie would be great to make out of the green marle Aran wool I'm unfrogging from a friend's unwanted project when I'm ready to move onto cables, and I want to make this capelet as well... *sigh* Tell me why I work full-time again? Oh yeah, bills and mortgage and food and boring old stuff like that... :(

Lots of people coming to stay this weekend for our friends' civil union on Saturday - it'll be lots of fun, but doesn't leave time to do much crafty stuff.


YarnB said…
Wow! How cool! You have a link to me on your blog!! I just changed the name so check it out and repost it! I would love to have a New Zealand friend! A friend of mine just spent 2 weeks their on her honeymoon and I have been viewing all the photos online. It looks amazingly beautiful. And lots of merino sheep!! Nice to meet you. Lisa in Arizona now at vs
Annarella said…
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Annarella said…
I knitted the shrug some time ago, however, I have to confess, I have never worn it and am not likely to do so. Am actually thinking of gifting it, but because it was one of the first things I knitted, the finishing is far from perfect.

Anyway, the yarn she uses is gorgeous (albeit EXPENSIVE!), but chunky yarn, coupled with ribbing and horizontal stripes don't make the most flattering of garments.

If I were to re-do it, I'd definitely re-work it to do stockinette only, and definitely no stripes.

Didn't mean to put you off, you may have the most slender arms in the world, in which case it would work a treat... sadly I don't :(


PS: Sorry, I didn't mean to delete the previous comment, oops! :)
octopusgrrl said…
heya Lisa, thanks and nice to meet you too - I've updated the link in my blog (I noticed you changed the other day, but I was just too lazy to fix it then ;) I like the name, it makes me think of a shop for yarn as well as having natural connotations.
octopusgrrl said…
Anna, I'm thinking that if I do it, I'll probably use scraps and odd balls of yarn in shades of one colours (probably light blue) so hopefully the effect won't be as unflattering as thick, bold stripes. My arms aren't too big anyway, though I'm not sure what the thick ribbing will do to them (the one I'm making at the moment has that as well, so I can see how it looks once I'm finished :)
Annarella said…
Odd scraps of bluey shades sound really pretty (and I'm not even a blue person), so go for it! :) xx

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