I didn't mean to fall off the map quite that badly! I keep meaning to update this blog but since I haven't finished anything new recently I didn't have anything to show off and I just kept forgetting to keep up to date.

News-wise, everything is going well with my pregnancy - I had my first midwife visit on Wed and she let us hear the baby's heartbeat, which was amazingly exciting, and helped to make it all feel much more real to me. P and I went on holiday up North for ten days to visit his family, which was nice and relaxing, but since being back to work this week, I've felt knackered. I also managed to get wet on Wed when we had some enormous rainstorms and flooding and today I feel like I'm coming down with a cold, which is fun since there's pretty much nothing pharmaceutical I can take for it. Oh well, time to break out the natural remedies, I guess! I've been doing a heap of (book)reading, I think I've finished about 8 books in the past month. It's my form of escapism, and it helps me stop worrying and freaking out too much about the future, I think.

That's about it, really. Still not feeling hugely enthusiastic about crafting, but I'm being a bit more productive than I was, and now that I've finished the lace on my shrug and am on the home straight of 2x2 rib for the sleeve, I'm looking forward to finishing it and starting on something new. I haven't been managing to keep up with reading your journals much, I'm afraid, but I hope all is well with all my blog friends!


YarnB said…
Good to see you post and glad you are ok! It sounds like you are feeling better! I think natural remedies are great and there are many good ones for pregnancy symptoms too!
Beverley said…
So pleased to read your post!! Glad all is going well. Hope you feel better soon!!

PS You could always recommend some good reads!
Annarella said…
Glad to see you're back xxx

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