mojo rising

Yay, I'm finally back into crafting mode! I still haven't finished the knitted shrug (although I've been trying to do 10 rows each night in order to get through it) but on the weekend, I decided to start a project that I've been thinking about for a long time but hadn't done anything about. It's a crocheted shawl made from all the oddments of green yarn in my storage bin, made with a 10mm hook, so it's nice and loose and loopy. I'm about 1/3-1/2 finished and I'm just addicted - it's looking fantastic I think (like a Monet watergarden), as well as being fun to do. This is the sort of thing I've been wanting to do for ages: hues and colourwashes and just generally playing around with colour. Now I'm enthusing about the next one :) I haven't completely forgotten about the knitting, and I think I'll probably still have one knitting project on the go while I'm doing more crochet.

I'm also getting interested in hats again - I've had more orders from Vent, the shop that stocks them, and even some enquiries on Etsy after a long dry patch. So I've booked a market stall space for the last weekend in May, and I can flog off the last of my boring old hats - I'm looking forward to making more, but not just in order to use up yarn. I know, I should be knitting baby stuff, and I will get around to it, promise - actually, first on my list to make will probably be this!

Pregnancy is going well, still with the headaches but feeling better and more positive about everything. And look:

The spawn - it lives! :D

Beverley was asking me about book recommendations - well, most of the ones I've been reading have just been to clear them off my bookshelf, but I enjoyed the following:
"Quattrocento" by James McLean - a time travelling romance, that reminded me of "The Time Traveller's Wife". Can't say I understood any of the explanations of how the time travel worked, but it all sounded good ;)
"Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood" by Rebecca Wells - this was a bit cheesily Southern-cliched in parts, but very entertaining and readable.
"Baghdad Burning" by Riverbend - this is the collected blog posts of Riverbend over the first year of the American occupation of Iraq. Definitely gives you insight and a different perspective
of what it's like living in Iraq now, and also some eyeopening background about the country's history and culture. I wouldn't say "enjoyable", but certainly enlightening.
"Witchsong" and "Nightshade" by Kim Wilkins - the fourth and fifth books in the Gina Champion series, which is an Australian mystery series written for young adults. Gina Champion is a sort of gothy psychic girl detective and I eat these books up like candy - I think it's because they're so easy to read, and Gina reminds me of me as a teenager :)

Anyway, how's that for an update!


Beverley said…
Hi good to "hear" things as going well for you and the off-spring. Looking forward to seeing a pic for your green shawl. Sounds great. Like you I am into more than knitting.

Make the most of the rading time... you will have less of it

Knit or should I say crochet on >^..^<
Beverley said…
Oops "reading" time.
YarnB said…
I hope you are doing ok? I was just thinking that you haven't posted for a long time! Let us know how you are!!

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