my boy!

Dali Rhys Lewis-Browne, born 2:36am Thurs 2 November 2006 by emergency C-section (following roughly 40 hrs of induced labour - wee chap managed to get himself positioned back-to-front and stuck forehead-first in my pelvis!) 6lb 1oz, but hopefully growing rapidly now. Both his daddy and I *heart* our alien spawn to bits :D

I'm sorry I've kind of abandoned this journal - I just haven't had the time to keep it up. I do miss the interaction with all my friends here, though. I still half-heartedly keep up my livejournal at: so you're welcome to visit me there. At the moment I feel like I'm never going to get the chance to pick up a crochet hook again, but I'm sure things will settle eventually!


YarnB said…
Wow, congratulations! Time flies by! I was just thinking you hadn't posted in so long. I hope you come back at some point!
Woolly Wormhead said…
Congratlations! Time does fly, and we have missed you.
AnJaka said…
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