I've decided to resurrect this blog since most of the things I've been wanting to write about recently have been craft-related. Dali still takes up most of my time, but I'm managing to get a decent amount of crochet/knitting done and listing WIPs and finished items on Ravelry is helping me keep motivated to get my UFOs organised and worked on. I've set up a rotation system called "SHONE": Sewing (quilt projects), Hats (for sale), Old (UFOs), New (starting small new projects, mostly knitting) and Easy (straight-forward things I can work on a little at a time, like afghans). It's moderately successful, although I recently derailed it by creating a new hat pattern that I'm all excited about - I'll post a pic once the weather is sunny enough for it to come out properly!

Most of my hats from Etsy are now up with a friend in Auckland for her to sell on my behalf at the local markets, but I'm still selling regularly at Vent so most of what I've been working on recently has been going there - they're very eager for earth-toned hats, which seem to be selling well this year. I've started putting together a shop through Shopify, but haven't finished fiddling around with all the different options. I'm also thinking of putting a shop up at, which is like a local baby Etsy.

I bought myself a set of Denise circular needles, but haven't started using them yet - I want to get some old projects out of the way first before starting anything new. Also planning to knit some socks out of all the sock wool I have stashed away. So a busy time for me!


Stell said…
how do you like the denise set - I had one but was tempted by the knitpics options, and now the wooden ones - have you seen the colours?
octopusgrrl said…
I must admit, I've yet to try them as I've got too many projects to finish before I start new knitting, but I've heard good things. I just saw a pic of the new knitpics options the other day and they're gorgeous! So tempting...

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