Okay, so I came up with this idea yesterday to name my scrap hats after songs, I'm not sure whether it's totally whack or what. Basically I'm getting sick of listing them as "Multi yarn scrap hat #75" or whatever, and since they're all one-offs I think they deserve a bit of personality! So I've been coming up with names either from songs I listened to or had in my head when I was making them, or, since I'm slightly synaesthetic (my brain links certain colours to letters) naming them after song titles I feel match the colours. Anyway, it's probably really odd, but it makes them a bit more individual and is fun to do :)

I've also come up with a tattoo I want to get done on my right shoulder: it'll be a ball of yarn stuck with two knitting needles and a crochet hook with a banner saying "Mother's Ruin" underneath and surrounded either by a fire or a sunburst, very much in the style of vintage tattoo flash! Now all I have to do is draw it ;)


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