where does the time go?

Have been trying to update all week, but one thing or another always gets priority - oh well! Just finished grinding up a $1 bag of apples for Dali's breakfast, and feeling very thrifty. If I get a chance while he's still napping I'll get to read too, wooo.

Trying to finish all the UFO projects I'd planned to get completed during Sept but it's hard-going. I finished the novelty yarn scarf that I've have on the go since last year, but I've still got a heap of novelty yarns left over. I think the hats I made for Dali and my m-i-l are pretty cute:

so I might make some more of those in future. The baby jersey I started for D when I was pregnant is a real chore - it's easy enough, all in garter stitch, but the problem is that I find it so boring! I'm not a good knitter, so I have to concentrate on every stitch but it's not very interesting to knit - give me some lace or socks or something else anytime! So I keep getting distracted onto making more hats.

I was relieved to see that the op shop up the road has sold out of their scrap yarn bags - I'm seriously addicted to them, and I've already got four. But every time I went past I'd be tempted. What is it about yarn that is so damn acquirable?

Tonight I'm going to check out the travelling Craftwerk show - I've never seen one in the flesh, as it were, although I know lots of people who vend at them. Haven't seen much advertising for it, but I guess if it's a bomb, I can always just sit with a hot chocolate and a book and enjoy some Dali-free time :)

Speaking of the angel, I can hear him waking up in the other room - oh well, maybe I can read later on *sigh* Here's a gratuitous pic of the wee swarthy swab dressed as a pirate on Wed:


Miriam said…
Oh my gosh, what a cute boy! And what a cute hat!!

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