Sewing Project 001: Underwear - Bunzies pattern

Pattern: Bunzies by SUOT (

Who for: Me

Size: XL

Type: Underwear

Description: "This pattern is like Scrundlewear 2.0, it picks up where scrundlewear left off. There are 3 booty cuts included, Full Coverage, Booty and Super Booty. Also, choose between knit leg and waist bands or elastic, two rises, high and low, a maternity/cross front option and instructions to add cute ruching to the back." I chose the Full Coverage option with knit leg and waistbands and a high rise.

Fabric: an old faded long-sleeved t-shirt that was coming apart under the arms - free!

Notions: thread, but I added some elastic into the waistband

Modifications/Alterations: none, I followed the pattern carefully as this was the first time I've made underwear.

Results: I'm pretty pleased with how these came out. I had a few problems with my sewing machine when I started them, but eventually it came right and sewing the old knit fabric was quite straightforward. Unfortunately one of the places that the machine decided to play up was when I was serging the edge of the liner, so the stitching is a little unpleasantly scratchy where you don't want scratchy stitching! The waistband and legbands are a bit looser than I would like, probably because of the lack of elasticity in the older material, so I added some elastic into the waistband channel to make them sit more comfortably.

Notes for future makes: For the next set, I'll adjust the pattern slightly to add more into the bum part - I don't like my undies riding up - and I'll cut the waistband and legbands slightly shorter in more elasticated material. I might also look at the Scrundlewear pattern as that seems to have a hipster option.


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