Knitting Olympics progress in photos

The yarn - Utiku Merino Baby in Bottle.

The yarn balled up (the colour's bad in this one)

Swatch for gauge.

The blocked swatch.

Just after the Olympics opening ceremony finished - a toe!

At bedtime Sat night - a toe and a bit more in pattern.

Sunday night - coming along nicely through the foot.

Monday night - starting the gusset increasing.

Tuesday night - yup, it's looking like a sock now!

Wednesday night - unfortunately I needed to rip out and reknit the heel section because I found a hole, but it was a lot easier second time around.

Thursday night - looking like a proper heel now!

Friday night, I only finished about half an inch of pattern done so I didn't bother taking a photo.

Saturday night - I woke up with a migraine in the morning, but managed to soldier on. Actually, I was supposed to be going out, but wasn't up to it so ended up doing hours of low-stress knitting instead. There's about an inch or so to go, then I'll transfer the stitches onto a circular needle and start on the next sock. Almost halfway there, with just over seven days of play to go.

Sunday night - the finished sock bar the ribbing for the band (which I'll do once the other sock is finished to this point - don't want to run out of yarn!)

Monday night - started the toe but the light was too bad on Tues to get a decent photo.

Tuesday night - as you can see, the weather is still pretty overcast so the photo's not great, but I've just started the patterning for the foot.

Wednesday night - halfway through the foot.

No update for Thursday night, as I only managed to get a few rows finished.

Friday night - just starting the increasing for the heel. Running out of time!

Saturday night - heel completed and starting on the hard yards of the leg.

No update for Sunday night - I'd finished one sock completely by 12am, and only had the band to do for the second, but I was too sleepy to finish.
Monday night - a pair of completed socks!


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