stop it, brain!

Of course, just because I've committed to going hardcore to get all my projects finished by KO time, I also have the wants to start many more :( I bought a crocheted wrap cardigan second-hand last week, and now I'm dissatisfied with the fit and I'm itching to unfrog the bottom of it and make it shorter, plus I keep being tempted by all these other knitting patterns I've seen online (it's a whole new world for me!) And I have this almost-overwhelming urge to wind up all my larger amounts of yarn on my new niddy-noddy to find out the yardage - I even bought little tags to attach to the hanks... yes, I do have obsessive tendencies, why do you ask?

Getting there with the projects, though, slowly but surely. I'm really pleased with how my mohair hat turned out, I'll have to take a pic.

I've ordered my yarn for the Knitting Olympics (Utiku Merino Baby in bottle green) and I've just about decided on a pattern - either this or this.
Any advice from experienced sock knitters would be most appreciated :)


Woolly Wormhead said…
Hey you ;) If knitting socks I'd for toe-up (allows you to try them on for size and you can keep going 'till you run out of yarn) and a short row heel - always looks better.

Can't believe you've entered the knitting olympics too! Am I the only blogger not doing it?!

Blogland has been really quiet... reckon everyone's getting in training....
Woolly Wormhead said…
Oh yeah, go for the first of your two pattern choices :)
octopusgrrl said…
Yeah, I think the first one will be a bit more straight-forward for me and will give the plain yarn enough texture to be interesting - thanks for the tips too :)

At last count there's something like 2500 knitters involved in the Olympics now *boggle* It's neat for me, because I'm feeling a sense of community with other knitbloggers - because I'm such a novice knitter sometimes I feel a bit out of the loop when I see what others are doing, but with this everyone is facing a challenge and we're all in it together. Plus it's exciting forming a team with other local knitters I don't know very well. So I'm looking forward to it - but in a fortnight's time I'll probably be regretting it :/
YarnB said…
Hey! I have never heard of that brand of yarn. Interesting. Where is it made?? I have so much sock yarn here and I haven't finished YET one pair of socks! I think for my first pair, I will just do the regular ones, not the toe up ones, but those sound great. And I love lace socks. I look forward to seeing the yarn! How is the spinning coming along???
octopusgrrl said…
heya Lisa, Utiku is a local brand of yarn, available here. I don't think it's available in the US, I'm sending some to my Secret Pal :) If you would ever like to try some, I'd love to do a swap for some of your yarn!

I'm worried that I'll start one sock and get bored - they say the key is to start two at once on seperate sets of dpns, but I only have the one set. I'm really keen to start, and I have another ball of sock wool I can use for the next set ;)

Unfortunately, practising my spinning has kinda been put on hold recently so I can get all my other projects out of the way before the Olympics. I'm going to try and do some tonight if I get a chance.

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