mystery solved

At least I know why I've been so tired recently:


We've been trying to conceive for 8 months, so this is very happy news :D


Mary-Lou said…
Congratulations! - not a moment to lose, get knitting! ;)
Thanks for the kind comments about my olympic knit, congrats on the happy news!!!
Beverley said…
So pleased for you!!!!

What a wonderful excuse to knit a lacy shawl!!!

Tiny socks now too!!!

How will you get on study wise? Will you be able to continue part time if needed?
Annarella said…
Yeyyyyy!!! Congratulations + warmest hugs to you both, that's wonderful news, I'm so happy for you!!!!

Lorraine said…
Congratulations! That's so exciting. And just think of all the lovely crocheted blankets and knitted hats that babies require!
YarnB said…
Congratulations! Now you will have to make lots of baby knitted stuff! I am so happy for you!
Mrs Independent said…
Woolly Wormhead said…
Brilliant news! Sorry I'm late catching up...bad blogger week. Right, now we have to get knitting for you and the little one!
Natalie said…
I love babies! You must be stoked :D

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