Well, I got my prescription filled and now no more allergies - yay! My arm is still quite sore and has come up in a big black bruise, but it was okay for the afternoon. My exam went well - I managed to get everything finished and I was pretty pleased with the essay I did about "Maus", but time will tell whether I did any good. My internal assessment wasn't too hot so I need to really excell in the exam to keep my A average, but if I don't I don't and a pass is enough for this paper. Weird thing is, I developed a blister at the base of my thumb from writing! I started off using a good ergonomic pen but it ran out about halfway through, so I switched to a plain old Bic pen, and that's what rubbed so hard. I've never had that happen before, but then again I haven't written anything longhand really quickly for ages.

Friday today, and tonight I'm going to see "Serenity". I'm ludicrously excited by the prospect. I've been waiting for it for so long, and I adore "Firefly" - I'm not a huge Joss Whedon fan, didn't really get the "Buffy" thing, though I loved "Angel", and "Firefly" just seemed to hit me in the right place. Not to mention that I have filthy thoughts about Nathan Fillion ;) So finally the "Firefly"-shaped hole in my heart will be filled. I'm a little nervous because I know a number of core cast die and that's going to be traumatic if it is who I think it might be. Damn the Interweb and those people who spoil things intentionally because they think it's amusing :(


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