cutting off my nose to spite my face

Gah, damn sinus! I went to the doctor yesterday and got a prescription for a nasal spray, but she mentioned something about laying off antihistamines for two weeks before I take an allergy test - I just googled it and it seems that the spray should be okay in the meantime, so I'll get the prescription filled at lunchtime. I had some blood taken yesterday - I watched the nurse take it and I thought she did a good job, but it was really sore afterwards and came up in a welt, so maybe she nicked a muscle or something. Today it's still pretty sore, and my shoulder is achey as well, I don't know whether in connection or not.

I should have got her to take it from my left arm, since I have my exam today and have to write for 3 hours with my right hand. I might take a paracetamol if it's still sore in a couple of hours. I feel a bit more confident about the exam - reread some of the earlier texts from the course last night so I'm quite familiar with two of the four I'll probably need to cover, and I'll go over the other two at lunchtime. Eh, all I can do is give it a shot. I really haven't connected with this paper at all, in contrast with the last English paper I did - I think I'm becoming more cultural-theory-focused, so I don't know whether I need to reconsider my major or not. Maybe if I concentrate more on postcolonial/postmodern writing, it might interest me more. I'm much more attracted to gender studies and sociology, but my grandmother loves the idea of me doing English since that's a "real" degree ;)

Plus I sold 2 hats yesterday, and my friend sounds a bit better than she did, so yay!


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