yarn yearnings

Well, here I am at work, where it's incredibly quiet, and I'm dreaming about yarn. Specifically gorgeous space-dyed yarns - I just discovered that that is what I should be calling the stuff I call "variegated". Last night I wound up the hank I bought from Vent about three months ago, and it's just lovely: greens and golds and burgundys and browns *sigh* I wish I could remember how much was on the hank, I think it was about 160m. The other pretty one I was talking about yesterday was from Manukau Yarns, and I've just been trying to find somewhere to buy it online. This place seems to sell lots of it (I think this was the one I bought, the price is much better!), so when I get paid again, I might invest in some more *drool*

I just came across a photo of the yarn my friend Brenda spun and dyed, which I made into the dread net beret I'm wearing this morning - it's called "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and was 80m. I think there was a metre or two at least left when I'd finished it, so presumably that means that a dread net takes roughly that much yarn. I hope Brenda sells some more yarn soon - I absolutely love this hat and I want another one. I call it my "mermaid" hat :)

Another custom order came through from someone overnight - argh! They might have to wait until after Xmas. I wish I could crochet at my desk, I'd get a lot more done ;)


belinda said…
I love verigated yarn! I have bought a few types from Utiki wools - thewoolcompany.co.nz. My mum was up there recently and bought me this stuff : http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y255/belinda_424/bekkawhales001.jpg. I knitted it into this guy : http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y255/belinda_424/little.jpg

octopusgrrl said…
ooh, I'd seen those yarns before, but forgot about them - gorgeous colourways and seems a decent price for the amount you get. I <3 your little whale, he's adorable!
Woolly Wormhead said…
Oooh, droolly yarn... try dyeing some yourself - it's not that hard! It does work up a dream. And why can't you crochet at your desk? Multi-tasking is allowed, surely? I knit at lunchtimes and whenever I find a free moment...:)
octopusgrrl said…
I'm planning to try my hand at spinning and handdyeing over the Xmas break, I think - just want to get those custom orders and my market stall out of the way first!

I think crocheting would be a much more productive use of my time at work than surfing the web, but it's harder to make it look like it's work-related ;) I have a whole lot of wool stored under my desk, so at lunchtimes and breaks I get the chance to do a bit - we've got a regular knitting circle going in the tearoom now.

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