Well, despite my negativity I found a heap of lovely things at Savemart! I spent $55 and got three dresses, three tops, two cardigans, and a pair of shoes, plus a couple of books. All the clothes are in lovely shades of chocolate, burgundy, plum and green - not exactly summer colours, but who cares, I think they'll all work in well with what I have in my wardrobe already. I was really pleased with the shoes because I've had a pair of ballerina flats I bought for summer last year but they've never fitted and I hate wearing them, and they were the only warm weather shoes I had for work, so now I've got a new pair with an elastic strap that don't go "flip" when I walk. Didn't find any doll clothes at all, it seems like all the dolls nowadays come with the clothes they have in the boxes and that's it. Weird. And couldn't find a decent stamp for making my Xmas presents, but I'll check out the art shop on Monday and if I have no luck there, I've seen one I like online and I'll order that.

I've been mulling over why I have so many journals now. This one I think will just be for day-to-day blethering - because AFAIK I don't have an "audience" I can just merrily blether on about boring stuff, and the minutiae of how I'm feeling without wondering whether anyone reading is thinking less of me. I guess it is a form of censorship, but now that I've got over 100 people on my LJ friends list, I find myself super-aware of how I'm being perceived. I know some of the things that piss them off and I guess I'm trying to avoid doing them in that forum. One example is that I have a number of friends with chronic health conditions that put anything I have to whinge about in the shade completely, so I feel stupid bleating about how my head hurts or I stubbed my toe, call the waahhhmbulance woe is me. But I still have a headache or a sore toe and that's how I'm feeling at the moment, so why shouldn't I put it in my journal? So I guess this is a less in-your-face way of doing it. I know I could set up friends filters and stuff in LJ but I can't be bothered, and part of me likes the idea of a new journal with no baggage or preconceptions. So there's this, and my LJ, then there's my Getcrafty blog, which is more for recording crafty projects and completions, then there's a weight-loss journal I share with two others, and there's my totally private one for creative writing or when I feel like I need to write something out of my system. And I think that's all the journals I deserve ;)


Woolly Wormhead said…
aha.... surely I can't be the only reader? And is this the right place to respond to comments about crafty stuff, or should I jointly moan about blocked sinuses and headaches (I've got something somewhere between a cold and flu...

There were loads of things I was going to ramble on about, crafty wise, like spinning, dyeing and sooo much more but my head hurts and I can't stop sneezing long enough to think ;)

Have fun!
octopusgrrl said…
I guess you are probably the only reader, definitely the only commentor (apart from spammers) so far!

I hope you feel better soon - there's nothing worse than when you want to do creative stuff and you just can't motivate yourself to do it :(

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