very domesticated

I just finished mixing a chocolate cake and it's busy baking - hope it turns out okay! I haven't made this recipe for years, but we have some friends coming over for drinks tonight and one of them has just had a birthday and is a huge chocolate fan. I just hope I can get the cake cooled down and iced before they arrive!

Bit of a baking week this week. Monday I was having terrible period cramps so didn't feel like making much for dinner, but I had a bunch of bananas almost too ripe sitting on the bench, so I made some banana and raisin muffins. I'm also thinking about making people something tasty for Xmas, since the original idea I had has turned to custard (I was going to decorate teapots and package them up with some nice local teas, but the store I was planning to get the pots from has sold out and doesn't look like they'll have them again). I'm not going to have time to finish anything before I see my parents next week (long story: they were originally going to visit us for Xmas, but Dad has to have a hip operation next week so it's been postponed) unless I manage to find something in the next day or two. Currently I'm thinking maybe little porcelain canisters for the tea, and maybe some bags of Xmas cookies. We'll see how I get on at the store tomorrow. If it's something small, I won't need to stress about taking it next week, I can send it in the post. The tea I ordered hasn't arrived yet anyway, so it might all just have to wait.

Thinking of going over to the "dark side", yup knitting. I started making one of these cute little hats in a black acrylic, just to see if I still had the fu, but now I'm eyeing up other patterns as well. Don't get me wrong, I still love my crochet, and I've kinda backed myself into a corner with the custom jobs I've got to complete yet, but the siren song of the needles is hard to ignore...


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