Man, I'm sleepy this morning. I need to get my act together since this is my first and last day of work this week - I'm off to visit my parents for a few days tomorrow. I went to bed pretty late, I always do on Sundays, but I got sucked into finishing watching "Blackpool" and "NCIS" on tape. Then I found it too hot for me to sleep in the bedroom, and I didn't end up dropping off until about 1am. I woke up at 4am and then again at 5:50am, then the alarm went off at 6:30am *sigh*

It's totally hat-o-rama at the moment. I had one Etsy sale over the weekend, then a previous buyer bought two hats from Etsy and ordered another custom design, and an LJ friend has asked for three more hats like the one I made for her! Add that to the custom order for hat and scarf I'm currently completing, and the pompom hat I need to finish for my friend before I leave tomorrow, so my knitting ambitions might have to be put on hold for a bit :/ I think I might take my knitting on the plane though, since it's good to have something to concentrate on for the hour or so I'm in the air (crocheting hats is a no-brainer, I can literally do it with my eyes closed!). But I need to check to see whether I'm allowed to take needles on or not - I'll ring the airline at lunchtime.

Mmm, Dr Bronners soap is very good. I had just about run out of my Dreadhead HQ super-expensive dread soap, and people have recommended Dr Bronners for dreads - plus $11 a bottle rather than $28! It's a lot smaller bottle, but I needed to use much less and it makes my hair smell lovely and lavendar-y :) I think there's a rose-scented one as well, I might have to try that one next.


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