cookie madness

Yay! All my cookies are now cooked! I calculated that I've made over 200 cookies in the past few days - I think I've started dreaming about the damn things. But at least now all my presents are done, well, once I've iced and packaged them. Phew!

Now I feel all sort of light-headed and silly. Could be too much cookie dough, I think.


Theresa said…
Wow - I'm impressed. I tried something new this year and made traditional molasses-based gingerbread - but my family didn't like them!
octopusgrrl said…
oh no, that's terrible! I hope my family like my lime and poppyseed buttons - I was going to try them out on them last night, but I'd have shrivelled if they'd said something negative, then opened a box of them on Xmas day :( Most of the feedback I've had on them so far has been positive though. I made gingerbread stars one year for my vegan friend, but getting the temperature right was tricky - they ended up on the slightly well-cooked side and I haven't been game enough to give them another go.

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