resisting the pressure

I haven't really gotten into the swing of Xmas this year. Being a pagan, I've never felt comfortable with celebrating it the traditional religious way, and the consumer orgy of Giftmas leaves me cold. I've tried considering it more of a midsummer festival but it's hard to ignore all the pine trees and fake snow and reindeer. To me this time of year is a holiday period where I get the chance to spend time with my family and give them gifts and share a meal. If we're lucky the weather will be good, so it's also a time to enjoy the summer and appreciate this time of year.

Anyway, I thought that with my family coming to dinner this year, I should at least have a tree. So I bought a tiny one from the $2 shop and decorated it with silver star tinsel. I'm wondering how much leeway I'll get with changing the traditional meal - we're still having ham and chicken, and boiled new potatoes, and cake and pudding, but I want to have salad instead of vegetables and make a cheesy vegetable bake as well - my brother's partner doesn't eat much meat and neither do I. I also weakened and bought Xmas crackers - they're actually make-your-own ones so I thought that if the jokes are terrible I'll replace them, and instead of gimmicky toys I'll just put little chocolates in them instead. I really really should get onto writing my Xmas cards today - I'm so bad at sending them, no one ever gets them from me until early new year. At least it drags out the joys of Xmas ;)

I sorted out my extra balls of yarn last night, so I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself. It's a start, anyway. I also finished the jeans (well, I still need to sew on a press stud) and tried them on Imogen, and they look very cool. I ordered some boots and shoes for her online yesterday as well - poor dear can't go around for ever in white tennis shoes, can she?


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