Drinking a cup of tea and hoping it will help get rid of this headache I woke up with. Sick of having headaches this week - I think I've had one of varying levels of intensity every day this week, since the evil migraine I had on Sunday. I'm so over it, and it can stop now please kthxbye. Also, having dizzy spells I can do without - at least most of those I've experienced while sitting down. Wish I knew what was triggering them.

I'm in a bit of a grump today. Dissatisfied and not really sure what I want. I'm annoyed at someone who bought two hats off me and hasn't paid for the second one yet - I just want to have it all sorted out so I can send them to her, and I hate chasing people up about money. Oh, and my parents and grandmother are coming down to see us for Xmas after all, since Dad can't have his operation until next year. I'm looking forward to seeing them again, but I'd already started thinking of stuff to do during my break from work, and I hate having my plans up in the air. Also, pretty nervous about showing off my home and Xmas dinner management skills or lack thereof...

Ah well. Supposed to be going to see the new Harry Potter film this afternoon, so maybe that will help.


Annarella said…
Thank you so much for linking to me :) Added you to my links too

octopusgrrl said…
thanks :)

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