The market is back on again at a different venue now! I'd better swing into action with getting myself organised. I borrowed a table today from a friend at work, it's about the size of a folding cardtable (1 metre sq), so should be big enough to lay out hats and brooches on, plus hold a mirror and my glass head. I might take along my folding laundry rack as well, and some clips, and clip the extra hats to it if necessary - I'll get a better idea of the area I'll be working with when I go along to check out the market tomorrow. I'm dropping in to the Warehouse (local equivalent of Walmart) after work to pick up a folding chair - I've been meaning to buy some for ages so we can sit on the patio on a good day and read, so if they're not too expensive I'll get two. So this weekend I'll have to haul tail with getting more stock together as well as finishing my Xmas presents - eeep!

Went to the Narnia movie premiere last night - it's very absorbing, and quite exciting, but I didn't connect with it emotionally as much as I'd hoped. Enjoyed the latest Harry Potter film more, I must admit. But got to see the previews for King Kong, which looks pretty super, and the next Pirates of the Caribbean - I'm hanging out for that one now!


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