youchy and lazy

Nasty headache this morning. I imagine it could be the blob on its way, but this cycle has been so totally weird that nothing would surprise me. It could also be just from staying up too late and sleeping in a too-hot room as well. I've been pretty lucky the past couple of weeks, especially since I've needed to get so much done for Xmas etc.

Man, I've been so slack this holiday so far! I have a long to-do list but I've only scratched the surface of it. I'm trying to get some crochet finished, and I made a cute black t-shirt, denim skirt and long black socks combo for Imogen that looks pretty cool, but I've still got to really get stuck into my sewing stuff. And I won't even start on all the eating... we have so many leftovers clogging the fridge that I feel it's my duty to consume constantly. Anyway. after New Year P and I are both going to be more careful about what we eat, so I need to get all my gluttony over and done with before then!

It's after midday and I haven't even showered yet. Ah well, that's what holidays are all about :)


Woolly Wormhead said…
Happy new year Lhizz! May the year bring lots of yarny adventures, sales of hats and plenty of happiness xx
octopusgrrl said…
Thanks, hon - you too! :D

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