long night blues

I did not sleep well last night - I tossed and turned until at least 2am, then slept in fits and starts with lots of crazy dreams until 6-ish, then the alarm finally went off at 6:30. The whole night seemed to go on forever and I feel like I'm still half-asleep today. Back in the day, I'd have had a couple of cups of coffee to kickstart me into the day, but now I'm a tea drinker solely, and it doesn't quite have the same effect. Now in the cold light of day I wish I'd got up in the night and read or crocheted or done anything rather than flipping from side to side, getting more and more irritated as the morning rolled on. But it would have meant waking P, and one of us should get a decent night's sleep :/

Today I'm wearing the hat I made from the Noro Kureyon yarn I bought off Trademe - it's lovely yarn, but very expensive. It works really well in the net hat because each row ends up being a new colour. I've come up with a crocheted headband pattern which uses very little yarn and is really good for showcasing interesting colours or textures, so I'm making a few of those to sell at the markets. I'm going to take Friday off work so that I can finish off all my bits and pieces for the stall.

Sorry, not really feeling up to much today :(


Annarella said…
Sorry to hear you're not feeling 100% - hope you're better soon and I'd love to see your Kureyon hat :) xx

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