I ended up making my Blythe doll, Imogen, a tiny cardigan from the sock weight yarn I bought from Lorraine - it's so lovely to work with, I really love it and plan to buy some more after Xmas (when funds won't be quite so strapped). The cardigan is a bit big, especially around the neckline, but I was pretty pleased with it for a first freehand effort. Now I'm sewing her a pair of flared jeans from this pattern, and I might make her a little 70s pantsuit outfit for Xmas :) Making dolly clothes is very addictive, and doesn't take much fabric - makes a much-needed break from hats.

I've been having a rethink about my crochet. I've turned myself into a hat-making factory, and I can see it spiralling on forever unless I do something to break the cycle. Plus I think I need to approach my crafting from a more creative angle rather than just mindless repetition to keep my hands busy. So I've decided to just finish the hats I'm doing at present and my 2 custom orders, then I'm going to put all the yarn I earmarked for hat-making back into their colour-coded bins. Then that will free me up for more adventures in colour next year, and also to do some spinning and dyeing. I am capable of making more than just hats, and I need to push myself a bit.

I was also going through the sewing room yesterday looking for my pinking shears and realised exactly how many unfinished projects I have. It's pretty daunting, actually. I've got piles of patchwork pieces waiting to be sewn up, and bags and boxes of fabric and clothes for altering. I keep thinking there's this mythical "rainy day" that's going to come along that will give me the time to do it all. I think I need to consolidate things. I know I can do it, I've been able to give away a lot of my fabric before. Over the Xmas break I'm going to organise all the outstanding projects and prioritise them in order to get them finished eventually. Getting money from selling hats has been nice, but it's just more to spend on silly stuff, and it's sucked away my enthusiasm for doing other things and my time. The handsewing I've done this weekend has reminded me how much I enjoy it. Plus I need to tidy things up in the sewing room, and clearing out piles of fabric would be a good start!

I should be writing Xmas cards :)


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