like a bear with a...

Well, this is now the 15th headache I've had in the past month, so it can be considered "officially" a chronic daily headache :( Wish I knew what was causing it, I thought it might have been my allergy spray but it's not listed as a side effect, and although I'm taking paracetamol when it gets bad, it's usually only one pill a day, so surely not enough to be causing a rebound effect. Bloody annoying. I've actually been feeling much better healthwise these past six months, but now I feel all lethargic again. At least this time it's controllable and dealable, and hopefully it might disappear again soon. Last time it was stress that was a major contributor, but I don't think I'm that stressed nowadays, especially not in comparison - sure, a few niggles here and there, but no major anxiety.

In other news, the market has been postponed due to issues with their lease. Part of me is disappointed but part of me is relieved - I wasn't exactly super-organised, and I can do without something else to worry about with Xmas right around the corner. Now I have to get out of the "must create stock!" mindset, and finish off some more custom jobs. One is now done and in the air, one is sitting on my table waiting for me to contact the buyer, another is halfway through and then there's just the 3 extra pride hats to do, which will be pretty straightforward. Plus Vent wants some flower brooches, but they won't take long to make up, and if we go there on the weekend to drop them off, I can see if they're selling any more handdyed DK - yay!

But I must stop spending so much money - I've already spent way too much on Xmas, and with both my husband's and my best friend's birthdays next week, I keep seeing bits and pieces for them. Then there's that whole thing of "I've just been paid, I can go spend on fripperies now" - no! Bad octopus, no fripperies.

Speaking of fripperies, I bought a ball of Noro Kureyon from Trademe all for myself. I'm going to make myself another net hat from the pretty - I'm so looking forward to it. And I have some new BPAL scents coming through the mail from a friend, which is also neat. It's all about indulging addictions at the moment ;)


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