Don't appear to have a headache this morning - yay! My office was stinking hot when I arrived, but with the window open and a cool breeze, it's cooled off a lot.

Decided to take some photos this morning of some of the things I've been talking about recently in this blog - the photos are really awful a) because I was half-asleep and the light wasn't great and b) because I'm a crap photographer ;)

This is one of my dread beret/net/hat thingees that I love to wear - I have it on my head right now! I have about 6 now - some are plain colours and yarns, but I think the novelty or handspun yarns look better for this style. This one was made from some I got in a box of assorted yarns from a Trademe auction. The colours are a bit more reddish-brown than in this shot.

This is a crummy blurry shot of my favourite one - my "mermaid" hat. It has irridescent sequins spun into the yarn, so it sparkles in the sun like water :)

This one I made from the spacedyed Manukau Yarns hank I bought in Auckland - I love the colours, they pretty much sum up my wardrobe at present!

This one is slightly larger than the usual ones I make, as it's for someone with longer dreads. The yarn is some Magnum Prints acrylic I had left over from the throw I made for my best friend this time two years ago.

This is one of a pair of fingerless glovettes I'm currently making from the pattern in the latest Interweave Crochet - I've now made three (a set was for my best friend) and I'll hopefully finish the fourth today. I left the pattern at home but I'm pretty sure I've committed it to memory now, plus I have the other one to match it to. You can't see the pattern very well but it's called "blossom stitch" and is quite nice. I've never tried a crochet lace pattern before and I might have to search out some more in my old books. The yarn is a nasty black acrylic that splits constantly and is pretty horrid to use, but it came with another box of assorted yarns so was cheap as chips. I plan to make another set of these with the handdyed sock yarn I bought from Etsy, as I think the lighter weight will show up the lacy pattern better.


Lorraine said…
Cute handwarmers. I'm Lorraine, the dyer of your sockweight yarn from Etsy, and I decided to stop by your blog to take a look. I love it! In regards to a comment in your previous post where you were looking for an equivalency for "sock weight" yarn, sock weight=fingering weight=slightly thinner than shetland weight. Also, as to quantity, go ahead and let me know if you want any handdyed in larger quantities than single skeins. I can do just about anything you want, and price is negotiable.
octopusgrrl said…
Hi Lorraine! :D I've bookmarked the standard yarn weight system here so I can more easily convert things in my head! I love some of the colours you've been doing and posting on Etsy recently. I generally only need enough for a hat (although it's always nice to have some extra leftover ;) but I tend to mainly work in DK or worsted weight - do you do those as well?
Woolly Wormhead said…
I love your dread hats! Been looking for a few crochet patterns for them - can you recommend anywhere?

The variegated yarns look beautiful with the crochet - funny how they take on a different look compared to knitting.

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