better living through chemistry

Well, I gave in about 3pm and scrounged through the medicine drawer looking for something, anything, with painkilling properties, and Codral was the only thing available. So now I'm feeling no pain and my mood has lightened exponentially - I feel a bit more human again.

Took a few photos before... not exactly showing off the Nippertails very well, but it's hard to do self portraits with a 1.3Mb digital camera (doesn't do good closeups).

Exhibit A: grumpy woman, no makeup, tries to work out camera angles

Exhibit B: grumpy woman, no makeup, trying to smile

Now I'm going to go make some dinner, then try and sort out the tension brake on my wheel while I watch CSI Miami.


Woolly Wormhead said…
Oh dear, you do look fed up :) Still, you have Nippertales to keep yer head warm.

I've had chronic headaches this week and I bloomin' hate them!

Chin up :)xx
octopusgrrl said…
Yes, <3 my Nippertails! It's like my security blankie :)

*hiss* *boo* to your headaches - hope you're okay today and not too mopey about going back to work...
Annarella said…
Cute Nippertails! Happy New Year darling! xxx
octopusgrrl said…
Happy new year to you, too, Anna - hope it's yarnalicious! :D

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