blue as a new tattoo...

meh, my best friend has flown back to Auckland now - gonna miss that little booger :(

Did a heap of shopping while she was here (but not much crafting), so I'm consoling myself by documenting my purchases. I broke my yarn diet, oops! Apologies for the bad photos, btw - it's mostly the budget camera, honest, and I plan to get a better one this year:

This is a whole lot of yarn that I bought for cheap, either deleted lines at the LYS, or at the op shop - I've noted down the yardage so I can do some calculations as to what I can do with it:

brown: Villawool Fireside 5 Ply, 100% wool, 3 balls x 254m (50c each at the op shop)
burgundy: Cleckheaton Country 8 Ply Heathers, 100% wool, 2 balls x 96m ($1 each at the op shop)
pink: Patons Caressa, 45% wool, 45% acrylic, 10% mohair, 2 balls x 120m ($2 each at the LYS)
blue: Patons Caressa, 45% wool, 45% acrylic, 10% mohair, 3 balls x 120m ($2 each at the LYS)

The pink is so pretty, I wish there had been more available. Never mind, I think I should be able to get that Anthropologie capelet out of it, but I'm not sure what I'll use the blue for yet. I think I should be able to get a shrug or capelet out of the brown, too - I like this one that I found yesterday. The Anticraft is an awesome little ezine, too - check it out!

From another LYS:

Yarn Traders Viscose Velvet: 100% viscose rayon, 155m
Recycled Sari Silk Yarn: 100% silk, 12m in total

Not sure what to do with these - the sari silk's only really enough to trim a hat, and I originally planned to try knitting socks with the viscose, but it's too thick for that sort of thing. It's very pretty and soft though, so I might keep it until the right project comes along, just getting it out and petting it every so often ;) The colours are sort of cadet blue tones with hints of lilac.

This was a knit top I bought for $2 second-hand, gonna unfrog and steal the cotton. I ran into one of the women from my SnB the other day and she was talking about possibly having an unfrogging party, where we all get together, unfrog op shop jumpers and ball up the yarn (and probably in my case, sneeze copiously from the dust!) - sounds like my sort of evening! :)

My current projects on the go (from left):

- the mohair Nippertails hat (just finishing the crown at present, the blue hues in the yarn didn't come out very well in this shot)
- the shrug from the Zhivago pattern book, now reaching 30cm, w00t! 2x2 rib for half a metre each sleeve is quelle boring *yawn*
- the square crochet hat to sell at Vent (I think I might unfrog it and redo it on a larger hook, it just seems a bit too tight. PITA, but got to be done...)

Not shown: purple crochet headscarf for my friend Jackie, which might actually be unfrogged today so I can use the yarn (fine merino 3 ply) for this most awesome squid-shaped cellphone cover, which my Secret Pal put me on to. Also, grey and green crocheted hat, just to go on, because the yarn was there and I wanted something to alternate with all the knitting. Go go Multi-tasking Grrl! ;)

This is just a shot of me getting ready for work yesterday morning - I picked up this shirt at the op shop for a few dollars, and I really like it. Chocolate is the new black, yo.

And here's a shot of my new tattoo, which I got done on Wednesday! Not very clear, but it's the rose from the cover of the Depeche Mode album, "Violator" - I love Depeche Mode and I love roses, and I've always adored this design. It's still a bit pink around the edges, but I really hope the black stays that dark for ever!


YarnB said…
What a lot of purchases!! Thanks for visiting my blog today by the way! You missed my earlier post where I tagged you...yes you!! But I didn't know your real first name. I call you Jezebel!! Lisa
octopusgrrl said…
Sorry I missed it, Lisa! My real name is Lhizz :)

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