it's all about meme, baby!

Because I was tagged by Woolly Wormhead:

Seven times Seven meme

Seven things to do before I die:-
- have a child and bring her/him up the best way I can, hopefully getting the chance to see them become an adult
- finish my BA and hopefully go on to do some postgraduate study, ideally getting my PhD (some sort of gender/media/sociology/literature mix)
- go to the UK
- get decent, long dreads
- clear out my to-be-read bookcase
- hopefully have a farm and spin, dye and make items from my own fibre
- grow my own vegetables

Seven things I cannot do:-
- be a morning person
- deal with heights and enclosed spaces
- lie well to people that know me
- remember my past clearly
- wear foundation (it feels icky!)
- give up my yarn obsession
- stop swearing, or at least using words that sound like swearwords

Seven things that attract me to blogging:-
- exposing my self (oo-er missus!) while not exposing myself
- sharing my opinions
- being able to express myself in writing (much easier than in speech)
- reading other people's perspectives, news and daily lives
- "networking", meeting new and interesting people from all over the world
- getting new ideas
- interaction

Seven things I say most often:-
- "anyway"
- "whatever"
- "a hat" (when people ask me what I'm making ;)
- "cock!" (favourite swear word at the moment)
- "oh really?"
- "grrr"
- "pardon?"

Seven books that I love:-
- "Perdido Street Station" by China Miéville
- "And The Ass Saw The Angel" by Nick Cave
- "The Wasp Factory" by Iain M Banks
- "Running in the Family" by Michael Ondaatje
- "Playing Beattie Bow" by Ruth Park
- "Jambalaya" by Luisah Teish
- "The Spiral Path" by Starhawk

Seven movies I watch over and over again:-
- "Amélie"
- "City of Lost Children"
- "Pirate of the Caribbean"
- "Bladerunner"
- "The Fifth Element"
- "Zoolander"
- "Bend It Like Beckham"

Seven people I want to join in too:-
- you
- you
- you
- you
- you
- you
- and, ah, you!


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