woolly adventures

I should be in the shower but I wanted to post a quick update. My friend Wendy who is a shearer sent me a fleece and holy crap, there's so much of it! It takes up 6 shopping bags "uncompressed"! I managed to wash one lot last night in the bath, and it's currently drying - I think I got it clean enough, but since it's my first, I'm not too sure. Anyway, any extra crud will probably come out while I'm carding it, and I will be washing it again when it's spun anyway. Today I need to oil and dust my wheel and get it into running order while my wool dries - if it wasn't so darn windy I'd put the lot outside because it's a great day for drying, but as it is it'd end up spread around the backyard. I have a little bit of roving to practice on before I finish processing the wool, so if I have a chance I'll give it a go later today. Exciting!

I also have three crochet hats and a knitted one on the go at the moment as well, so I'm hoping I'm going to have a chance to get everything finished before I go back to work on Wednesday. Don't wanna work, want to play with woolly stuff all day instead :(


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