Hee, I'm stupidly proud of how my shrug has started out so I had to take a photo of it this morning - my knitting looks so neat, I'm amazed! I love this colour too, it's a sort of a cadet blue tending towards lilac. The yarn is Pure Gold DK 100% Courtelle made in South Africa - it's cheap as chips at the local big box store, and it's very soft to knit with, more like a cotton than the usual acrylic (splits a bit, though). I might wait until their next big sale and stock up - I've been using the black for everything, but they have another shade there I liked, a sort of fawn beige.

I noticed after I took this shot that the needles I've been using are actually two different lengths! I must have had two pairs at some stage and mixed them up. Weird.

Grrr, the double pointed needles I bought from TradeMe are way too long for me to use - my own fault, I should have realised from the listing, and at least they only cost me a couple of dollars. If only I could find a place selling 5mm dpns less than 6 inches long *grumble*

Tried spinning for the first time yesterday without much success - I know there's a knack to it, but it's just frustrating trying to pick it up. Going to watch the video tonight so I can get a better idea of what I should be doing.


Woolly Wormhead said…
Yey - some more knitting! Being as you've already got empathy with the yarn from your crochet, I'm not surprised your knitting is neat. As for speed - my crochet is way slow than my knitting... of well...
octopusgrrl said…
I am becoming one with the yarn, grasshopper :P

I think it's probably the type of yarn rather than any ability on my part - it just seems to knit up a lot neater than my previous efforts.!

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