planning and plotting

So I finished my extremely cute Nippertails hat last night and will take a photo over the weekend. I imagine I'm probably getting too old for that much kawaii now so I probably won't wear it to work, but I think it's just awesome :D I'm so proud of my first knitting project in 16 years! It had a couple of ladder-like bits down the sides where I hadn't kept the tension while swapping needles, but I darned them up so you wouldn't know.

Now I've just about finished the 4th of the 4 pride rainbow beanies I was making for a friend, so once those are done I can start on new stuff, yay. My head is all bubbling with new crochet and knit projects to work on! So these are all the things I want to do:

- finish crochet pride beanies x 4
- multicoloured crochet scrap afghan
- knit Nippertails hat in pink/purple mohair blend
- try crocheting a version of the Nippertails in cadet blue acrylic
- get some red acrylic to match the black to make the last custom job I promised
- more Nippertails hats in various handdyed yarns (okay, maybe getting carried away here!)
- crochet shawl from different tones of scrap yarn, first in blue
- more dread net berets
- more headbands.

I've kinda gone off the idea of making stuff to sell at present - don't get me wrong, it's always nice to sell stuff I've made, but since I'm starting on a creative curve I'd like to explore that a bit for its own merits before having to work out whether something is going to be cost-effective, or popular, or whatever.


Woolly Wormhead said…
I'm just catching up with your posts - you have been having fun with woolly things! Definitely want to see the Nippertales hat ;)

Yeah, it is good to be creative rather than worry about selling - have been telling myself the same thing... whilst I'm working my time isn't costing me money, so just play, if that makes sense. I keep getting caught up about how long it takes to make, as well as the cost of materials (which is one point I won't ignore) but why worry at this stage about how long it takes when it's fun to play and explore what happens on the needles/hook?
octopusgrrl said…
Exactly - yay for idea storms! I rarely get them because I'm usually too lazy to push myself into new things, so when I do I need to make the most of them :)

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