less memeage, more projects!

Finished my boy's cellphone cover last night - just a pocket crocheted from black acrylic with a window for the screen and a flap coming over the top and opening with velcro. Looks much better than my one, which was the first one I made. I should write out the pattern sometime.

Had a call from the shop that sells my hats to say that they would like more! That's the good news, the bad is that they want two square hats and one of the other style... I have about 50 hats made up and ready, do you think I have any square ones in that pile? That style take ages to make, extra yarn, plus they're dead boring to do *sassa-frassing grumble-mumble...* Anyway, I've started one and I have enough yarn for another, so that's something. It's not so bad, really, and it means that hopefully I should be getting a decent cheque from them soon!

The blue shrug is continuing on a-pace - I've done 25cm out of the 51cm needed for the first sleeve, then I get to start on the lace. I've never tried knitting lace before, so I'm looking forward to it. The rib bit is a bit dull, but I'm making myself do at least 5 rows a night before doing anything else. I've done about 4 inches of the mohair Nippertales hat, and I'll try and take a photo of how it's coming along over the weekend.

Tried some spinning the other night but got disillusioned after an hour or so - still having problems with the wheel reversing, and I can't get the tension right. I know I need to persist with it, but it's just annoying me. I'll try again next week.

Yay, my best friend arrives in town tomorrow to stay for a few days - I'm so looking forward to it :) She said she had a migraine this morning so I hope she's feeling better. Last time she came she developed gastroenteritis just before she left, so her memories of her holiday aren't great and I really want her to have a better experience this time round. Also, lots of other friends are going to be in town this weekend for a civil union on Saturday, so it's going to be great to catch up with everyone in person. Still don't have any idea what I'm going to wear though!


YarnB said…
Hi! I am having the exact same problem with my new wheel and it makes me crazy. It keeps going to the left, not the right. I have been told to just practice treadling without anything in my hands, but it is annoying me too. I thought this was supposed to be relaxing? It will be, it will be, I keep telling myself!
octopusgrrl said…
Hi Lisa, I tried treadling it using prespun wool just to get it to work, and of course it went fine, then as soon as I started trying to spin, it started going backwards again! Argh! I know it just takes practice, but it's just so frustrating - I feel your pain :(
Annarella said…
Yey for the hats order! Way to go!! Cheering for you :)

Woolly Wormhead said…
That's great news about your hats, though typical they want the ones you haven't got made up!

And keep at it with the wheel... it will come, I promise :)
octopusgrrl said…
Thanks, guys :) Ruth, I plan to tackle spinning again this week and keep at it until I've got it!

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