I feel like I need a big kick up the backside today - I'm so sleepy. Never mind, it's nearly Friday.

I got my Secret Pal today, yay! And I got an email from the person who got me, so *waves* at the anonymous stranger :)

Had another go at spinning last night. Watched the video, which apart from being rather dated, was quite gentle and non-threatening for a novice spinner, and illustrated the method of spinning really well. Then I had a play with some corriedale roving, but started worrying about my wheel reversing all the time, so went through lots of books to see what this could possibly be a symptom of. Eventually I came across a passage that told me not to worry, this is something that happens in the beginning and that no one gets perfect technique in the first hour, which was reassuring. I spent another half-hour or so practicing treadling and getting the rhythm and managed to end up with something that was on the verge of being spun yarn, so I'm feeling much more positive about it all now. I still need to adjust the tension properly and fit a new brake spring though, once my parcel of spare parts arrives.

Didn't do much knitting yesterday at Stitch n' Bitch (ate too many snacks instead), so I've still only done about 20cm of 2+2 rib on my shrug. I'm so slow compared to my crochet speed!


Woolly Wormhead said…
Cool! I'm glad using the spinning wheel is coming togther nicely :) Getting the hang of the treadle will certainly stop it reversing.

When you change the spring(s) the tension will tighten up loads and you may find your yarn will snap as the brake will be tight - you can either spin faster for extra twist and strength, or gently stretch the spring by hand to loosen it a little...this won't hurt it, and I think a mid tension is much better until you get the full hang of it.

Have fun!
octopusgrrl said…
Thanks for the encouragement and advice :) I haven't even really started about worrying about the quality of the yarn yet - just managing to get some onto the bobbin will be a start! I'll have another go at it tonight.

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