ha ha, I win!

I'm feeling absurdly pleased with myself for something really quite minor. On a whim, I thought to check the university library catalogue for any books on spinning and found that there were a number available from the Science Library, which is a place I've only ever been the once on a mission with someone else. So I decided to pop in there on the way home from work yesterday, left the office ten minutes early since it was a few minutes' walk away, and started my hunt. The TT books appeared to be shelved on the third floor, so I scooted up the stairs (well, as much as ever scoot!) but the numbers went TP - TX. Hmm, I thought, and went to check the oversized books on the next floor down where there seemed to be loads of fashion and textiles books under the TT number, but still not the ones I was looking for. I went back downstairs and checked the recently returned trolleys to see if they were there, and the assistant asked to help me out. When he checked the catalogues it showed that these books had never been borrowed, and offered to come upstairs to help hunt with me, but at that stage I'd been there nearly half an hour and had to leave.

So I went back at lunchtime today, checked the shelves again with no luck, but I couldn't work out why there were so many fashion books under the TT range of callnumbers in the oversize section but none on the main shelves. Then, when I was scouting the aisles looking for them, I saw a small sign saying that books within that range are stored in the Physical Sciences section - eh? Looked on the wall, this is the Life Sciences section - looked in the stairwell and whatdyaknow? There's a fourth floor! So went up there, couldn't find the books, only journals, saw that there was a small range of books over the other side of the corridor, looked for the TTs, went up as far as TA then the shelves ran out. Saw another sign on the wall saying that the rest of the books were shelved in a tiny alcove on the other side of the room, and there they were. No wonder no one's ever taken them out - they're housed on the farthest shelves on the very top floor ;) But I found them so nah. One of them was only a pamphlet not worth getting, but the other one should be good. I also got a couple of craft cultural theory books, one of which is called "Women and Craft" and sports a photo of a crocheted breakfast on the cover, complete with a copy of the Times - looking foward to that one!

Oh, and of course this morning I found the book on spinning that I thought I'd bought! It was in my bookcase, where I'd not thought to look (I didn't realise that I bought it before I moved house last year). Didn't have much of a chance to look through it this morning, but I'll do so tonight. Also, the city library has the Ashford spinning video, so I'll pop in there tonight and get it out. I had trouble sleeping last night because I was busily working out spinning stuff in my head :)


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